July 15, 2022

Bouquet Breakdown: Bright, Lush, Earthy

Hello, darlings! Happy July!! We hope you are loving and soaking in the summertime as much as we are. Summer gives us time to rest a bit and reset but of course, we just can’t sit still! As creatives, our minds are constantly running, plotting, and planning our next big thing. So, in hopes of allowing ourselves to still rest (just a little bit) while encouraging our creative brains to fly, we decided it was time to share another bridal bouquet breakdown with you!! We love doing these so much and are SO happy you love them too. Sharing these details with you gives us the opportunity to show you our side of the industry and give you the inside scoop so if you love this design, you know exactly what to tell your florist.

peach, pink, and coral bridal bouquet by Good Seed Floral

Choosing florals is one of the most fun (and hardest) parts of being a wedding florist. As a wedding florist, it is always SO much easier choosing bouquet ingredients when you’re able to go into a wholesaler and see each stem in person. But unfortunately, that is not usually the way things go. When creating wedding arrangements we need a lot of the same bloom, so we often have to order online to ensure that we have all the flowers we need. Ordering flowers virtually… talk about a challenge!! Even though we have an amazing wholesale rep who knows us well by now, it’s still a bit nerve-wracking! There is just nothing quite like walking through buckets of beautiful flowers and picking out each bloom. 

For this bouquet, we were able to go into the L.A. Flower Market, and WOW what a breathtaking experience. We could spend hours in there…seriously, we were walking around admiring all the beauty and geeked out over the fact that we were finally seeing some dream flowers in person! Plus, it was a LOT less expensive, score! The L.A. Flower market is a florist’s dreamland and such an unforgettable experience. If you get a chance to go there, make sure you do it in the spring! Seriously, do it!! This beautiful bouquet was a part of a shoot we did out in L.A, so we ordered a few things ahead of time. At the end of the day, our goal was to be inspired by what we saw when we got to the market. 

peach, pink, and coral bridal bouquet by Good Seed Floral

We were immediately drawn to the vibrancy of corals and pinks and knew we were going to shape the bouquet around this color scheme. Then, we saw the King Protea’s, Toffee Roses, and Peach Sweet Pea’s, and the vision was coming together. We just kept grabbing flowers! You may be wondering, is it possible to get too many flowers? NOPE!!

Here is the delicious recipe we ended up creating: 

Peach Sweet Pea

King Protea

Coral Snapdragon

Pink Anthurium

Romantic Antique Rose

Peach Ranunculus

Coral Sweet Pea

Cappuccino Rose

Purple Sweet Pea

Toffee Rose

Sweet Mustard Rose

Orange Ranunculus

Spiral Eucalyptus

Feathered Eucalyptus

Bridal Bouquet Breakdown

peach, pink, and coral bridal bouquet breakdown by Good Seed Floral

Because we had found so many flowers that spoke to us, this bouquet may have ended up a liiiitttleee bit on the large side but that’s not a bad thing! The bouquet turned into this incredibly whimsical masterpiece and we just couldn’t get enough of it. Our model made it look even MORE beautiful and totally rocked it. Large bouquets can be heavy but when they look and move the way this one did it’s totally worth the arm workout. The shape of this bouquet turned out whimsical and luscious, and when our model walked with it the movement was effortless! Even though we used minimal greenery in this bouquet it still had a ton of depth. We constructed the bouquet so that some flowers would be poking out more while others were tucked together, this gave us a unique shape and really allowed us to highlight the flowers we wanted to!

peach, pink, and coral bridal bouquet by Good Seed Floral

So, what’s your favorite flower from this bouquet? We definitely have some favorites but we think these flowers look the best when they’re all together.


Photos: Karra Leigh Photo

Styling and Design: Mae and Co Creative

Venue: The Hi Desert

Dress: Rue De Seine

Model: Officially Quigley

Makeup: Makeup by Whit

Hair: Kayla Nicole Beauty

Calligraphy: Seek Paper Co

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