February 25, 2022

Bouquet Inspiration For Every Season

If you’re anything like us, you love a little bit of fun floral inspo to brighten up your day! After going through all the amazing floral designs we did in 2021, we couldn’t help but realize that there are so many brides out there still searching for inspiration. Our 2022 brides are in full-swing planning the details of their wedding day, and many of you have asked us for some more bridal bouquet inspiration. We’ve got you covered!!

Every couple’s wedding is different, from the color scheme to the venue and even to the wedding date itself. The time of year you choose to get married can have a huge impact on the overall feel of your wedding day. Each season is different. Different in style, color, temperature, etc. so it makes total sense that you would want your wedding to be held during a season that reflects you and your style. So, why are we bringing the seasons into this? Well, many of our brides don’t know where to start when it comes to selecting their bridal bouquet. We know how important your bouquet is; it is a very personal element with a ton of meaning.

Bridal bouquets come in all shapes and sizes so picking the right style can be overwhelming. So, in order to help you out, we wanted to narrow down the BEST bridal bouquet inspiration for each season. Whether your wedding is happening in the spring, summer, winter, or fall we’ve got some ideas right here for you!

Winter Bridal Bouquets

Winter can be a rough time for some people. Gloomy cold weather and shorter days mean we need something to bring some joy and vibrance into our lives! Our 2021 winter brides had some fantastic ideas for their bouquets, and below are some of our absolute favorites. You should definitely add these to your Pinterest board!

With the colder weather, some of our clients choose to bring in some vibrant colors to allow their wedding to really pop against the environment! By adding pops of color you will have this stunning contrast. But, if color isn’t for you that is totalllyyy fine. Sometimes our winter couples just want something that feels warm, welcoming and romantic as they lean into the cozy ambiance that winter provides.

Karra Leigh Photography
Bethany Small Photography | Kati Hoy Photography
moody bridal bouquet with orange and burgundy tones
Bethany Small Photography

During the winter months here in the US, it’s very popular for couples to have destination weddings in tropical locations. We had the opportunity to do some travel last year during the winter months, in addition to the local winter weddings. We saw tons of variety in styles and designs! One trend we saw was that our destination brides leaned into the warmer elements and chose tropical, light, and airy blooms and styles; while our local state-side weddings leaned into some moody hues and loads of romantic greenery. The ultimate winter wedding goals!!

Karra Leigh Photography | Two Pair Photography
Bethany Small Photography

Spring Bridal Bouquets

Is anyone else already itching for spring to arrive?! We are just a few months away and we know our spring brides are getting sooo excited. Our 2022 brides may already have their dream bouquet picked out, but if you’re planning your wedding next spring we may just have the perfect bridal bouquet inspiration for you! In the springtime, everything feels light. The sun starts to set at a later time, the air is comfortable, and everyone is feeling good. Our spring brides tend to lean in the direction of timeless elegance and we love that! But, we also love those few that reach outside of the box and incorporate some bright colors.

Regardless of your color palette, one thing we definitely love about our spring brides is that they have chosen some unique bouquet structures! Don’t be afraid to ask your florist to create an asymmetrical bouquet or one that feels deconstructed!

Bethany Small Photography
Lahna Marie Photography | Kaylee Chelsea Photography
Karra Leigh Photography | Monique Serra Photography

If you’re unsure which direction you want to take your bridal bouquet, just ask! As florists we would LOVE to give you their suggestions based on your style and any ideas you may have. Whether you’re a fairytale bride or a boho babe your bouquet is going to reflect you perfectly.

spring bridal bouquet with bright flowers
Light As Gold
Cherece Casale Photography | Karra Leigh Photography
bridal bouquet with blush and lavender flowers
Moth and Moonlite

Summer Bridal Bouquets

Alright summer brides, we’ve made it to your part of the list! We truly believe that these bouquets are as sweet as a summer night. From the incredibly fun color palettes to the unique blooms we were able to use we adored these bouquets. If you’re a summer bride we know you want to do something unexpected. In 2021 we saw a variety of summer bridal bouquets, we really were on all ends of the design spectrum with these! From modern to timeless, neutral to vibrant, our summer bridal bouquet inspiration is definitely some you’ll want to take note of.

colorful spring bridal bouquets
Emily Millay Photography | Alixann Loosle Photography
Ivy and Gold Photography | Victoria Carlson Photography
(right) Chelsea Reece Co

The summer may be hot but your bridal bouquet will be extremely cool, we promise. Trust us when we say that your friends will be gushing over two things: First of all, you of course!! But second, your bouquet because WOW, our summer brides have style.

Karra Leigh Photography | Monique Serra Photography

Fall Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Everyone loves the summer, but the wedding industry may just love fall a litttlleee bit more. Can you blame us though?! We have to end off each year with a bang! Fall weddings are always next level. Without fail, every single year we are blown away by how creative our fall couples are! Bring in the warm fall tones, the dried florals, and that rich golden hour glow and you’ve got the perfect fall wedding environment.

Alixann Loosle Photography | Jessie Shultz Photography
moody fall bridal bouquets
Allison Harp Photography | Hazelwood Photography
Natalie Hills Photography

Just because you’re having a fall wedding doesn’t mean you can’t go for all-white elegance. Just remember, this is YOUR day so let it reflect you! How about these bouquet ideas though?! Our fall brides tend to lean more towards including fun textures and dried florals into their bouquets and we can’t get enough! Whether you’re sticking to a neutral palette or bringing in all the colors these are some fun ways to make your bouquet feel like fall.

Bethany Small Photography | Laurken Kendall Photography
boho bridal bouquet with dried flowers
Brooke Taelor Photography

With each season we gain a new appreciation for our clients and the ideas they come up with. We have the amazing opportunity to continue growing as florists as we figure out how to perfectly execute your vision. Hopefully, if you’ve found yourself at a bump in the road while looking for bridal bouquet inspiration something here struck your eye! And again, if you still don’t know where to start do not hesitate to reach out. We LOVE helping our clients bring their vision to life, even if they don’t know what it is just yet.

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