April 23, 2021

Bridal Bouquet Style Guide

When we sit down with a bride to start creating her wedding floral vision, one of the first things we ask about is her bridal bouquet style.

What style does she like best? 
What shape is she drawn to? 
What elements does she want to see in her bouquet? 

We can definitely design based off inspiration photos – having Pinterest examples to refer to is always helpful! However, we recommend going into your bridal consultation with an idea of how to communicate your dream floral style. Especially for your bouquet, which is hands down the most photographed floral design at your wedding.

So today’s blog post is a Bridal Bouquet Style Guide you can use to choose your favorite style, and learn about what descriptive words to use when meeting with your florist! 

1. Asymmetrical Bouquets

These lovelies are all about long, flowing greenery that moves up on one side and down the other. They are visually dramatic in photos and match well with the organic, natural wedding style, but with a more modern twist. This bridal bouquet style can be more romantic, minimal, textural or boho – it’s very versatile! 

2. Simple, Handtied Bouquet

This style is minimal, but with a light and airy quality. It’s wonderful for a bride who envisions a smaller bouquet that still feels organic and natural. It’s definitely not overpowering and is so easy to hold all day! 

3. Round, Organic Bouquet

Do you picture a bouquet that’s not too traditional, but you not too crazy or wild? Well, this bouquet is the perfect mix of the two! It’s more rounded than the other styles, but it also has some fun, textural elements that pop out here and there. We love this style because it lets us get a little creative and think out of the box. 

4. Traditional Bouquet

This elegant style is for the bride who wants a bouquet that is 100% classic and traditional. She wants fluffy, lush floral with very minimal greenery just barely peaking out to add some depth. She wants it to feel romantic and full, but not too overpowering or wild. It will be rounded in shape with lots of luxury elements like roses and peonies, but may also include some texture and greenery for contrast.

5. Fan Shaped Bouquet

Fan shaped is a lovely bridal bouquet style for pictures! It is captured so well on camera and is defined by it’s oblong or “fan” shape that is longer on each end and not very tall. It’s very flexible when it comes to the elements used, but we always love to use longer elements like olive branch or snapdragon to add to the width. 

6. Textural Free-Form Bouquet

Textural, free-form bouquets are for sure in our top 5 favorites! This style doesn’t pay too much attention to shape. It can have random pieces bouncing out anywhere! We love to let the flowers do what they want naturally, and in this style each bloom is free to shine. It’s perfect for the wild, organic, artistic bride who wants her bouquet to perfectly reflect that vibe. In this style, we gravitate towards lots of draping greenery and texture with pops of lush, petal-filled blooms. And of course, hanging ribbon is a must! 

7. Floral Focused, Romantic Bouquet

This gorgeous style is alllll about the blooms. It’s focus is on lush, petal-filled florals with some texture and a small amount of greenery. It’s similar to the traditional style is this aspect, but here the flowers have more depth and the greenery is used to add a sense of wildness instead of being tucked in. Floral focused bouquets are perfect for romantic weddings! We love this style at vineyards, especially. 

8. Waterfall Bouquet

This bridal bouquet style is also super romantic and dreamy. It’s lush, vine-like greenery and florals cascade over the edge to create the most beautiful silhouette. We like to keep this one more organic-looking by using greenery to spill over instead of forcing flowers to do that. Most flowers don’t cascade naturally! We like these types of bouquets for garden style, outdoor weddings, but also love it contrasted with a more industrial vibe. 

9. Wildflower Bouquet

Wildflower bouquets are all about the texture! Their shape is more tall than wide in most cases and is more round. We use lots of texture and greenery to keep it feeling natural, like the flowers were gathered from a meadow on your wedding day! This style doesn’t usually have very many large blooms, but uses berries and other smaller floral elements to portray that busy, dimensional feeling. 

10. Big Ass Bouquet

Pardon our french on this one, but I mean – what else do you call this style?! It doesn’t have to be a certain shape or use a certain flower, it just has to be ginormous. We see this style used in editorial shoots most of the time, but if any brides out there are dying to sport a giant bouquet on their wedding day, we are 100% down! Let’s make it happen.

Thanks for hanging out with us, we hope this post helped you decide on a style for your DREAM bridal bouquet! Next, check out our blog post all about how to determine your overall wedding style here!