January 10, 2022

Favorite Bouquets of 2021

Oh, hiiii there 2022!! It’s so nice to see you. Can you all believe 2021 is already over?! Seriously, it was just here and gone in a flash. We are so excited over here at Good Seed Floral to get started on this year because that means so many amazing things: new clients, new destinations to visit and LOTS of new florals to create! But, before we jump into 2022 completely we want to take a trip back down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite bridal bouquets from 2021. For our 2022 and beyond brides we encourage you to take note of what you love most about these beauties, you may just find the perfect inspiration for what your bridal bouquet could be!

We were SO fortunate to be a part of lots of gorgeous weddings this year, especially after the year 2020 was. The thing is, we just didn’t know how to narrow them down into a top 5 or top 10….so, to kick off 2022 (in no particular order) here is a list of 22 of our FAVORITE bouquets from 2021.

Bouquet #1

To kick off our list we have this beauty! Filled with soft hues organized in a color blocking style we are just obsessed. The orchids, roses, sweet peas, lisanthus, and dried elements made for a stunning bouquet. Using blooms that had a soft, tropical feel, we were able to create a beautiful almost triangular shaped bouquet for our bride’s beach wedding that felt incredibly organic and fun.

bride holding peach and white tropical bridal bouquet for her beach wedding
white tropical bridal bouquet for beach wedding
Karra Leigh Photography

Bouquet #2

This bouquet is 100% for the modern bride. We kept it simple with an arrangement of roses varying in height and a beautiful long train of orchids to create movement. The simple blush, sand and white colors make this perfect for brides who are going for the monochrome trend or those who want their wedding day to feel ethereal.

Bride holding a bouquet of blush ruses and white orchids
Peyton Byford Photography

Bouquet #3

Let’s bring in some COLOR. This one was an absolute beaut! Dusty rose is having its moment and this bouquet really captures the perfect essence of a dusty rose wedding. With lots of textures and unique florals this bouquet was just so much fun.

bride holding a bouquet of dusty pink roses and mauve accents
Two Pair Photography

Bouquet #4 and #5

Simple and chic, these two bouquets were not only unique but they are universal for all brides! Whether you are a winter, spring, summer or fall bride these are the perfect bridal bouquet inspiration. They’re smaller in size but still make a statement!

Kaylee Chelsea Photography | Cherece Casale Photography

Bouquet #6

Coral, mustard, and blush, let’s glow! This bouquet was incredibly fun to make and our bride LOVED it… I think it’s easy to see why. The blooms could not have been more perfect. Fluffy focal points and the perfect color palette brought this vibrant bouquet to life.

Bride holding a colorful bouquet with mustard roses, peonies, and blush anthurium
Light as Gold Photography

Bouquet #7 and #8

It’s your wedding day so dare to make a statement! Whether you keep the colors on the soft and neutral side or pick some that pop, your bouquet should fit you. So, that’s why we love going through all of our past work to show you just how many options there really are when it comes to flowers. These two bouquets capture just how much variety there can be not only with color but with texture, shape and flowers themselves! Not sure where to start? Well, that’s what we’re here for! Ask us ALL your flower questions, we will be more than happy to share our expertise!

This Wild Romance | Jessie Shultz Photography

Bouquet #9

Hello, beautiful! Who says you need greenery in your bouquet?! Not us! If you want a bouquet full of fresh flowers YOU GOT IT! This bouquet is a perfect example of how you can incorporate blooms that have unique textures, colors, and shapes. It will give your bouquet a beautiful and soft shape and smell amaaaazing!

Bride holding a classic bouquet of dusty pink roses, white roses, and white orchids
Bride holding a classic bouquet of dusty pink roses, white roses, and white orchids
Monique Serra Photography

Bouquet #10 and #11

Traditional cut flowers are common in most bridal bouquets but this vibrant pink bouquet is an example of thinking outside of the box! Our bride wanted to use bougainvillea everywhere in her wedding and we must say… It ROCKED. Non-traditional flowers are soooo in right now. If hot pink isn’t your thing consider using dried palms (pictured on the right) as a focal point for your bouquet and soften the feel with some fresh florals.

Tailor James Photography | Victoria Carlson Photography

Bouquet #12 and #13

When it comes to popular floral colors, peach absolutely had a moment in 2021. These two bouquets are some of our favorites because of how fun they were to design! The shapes were unique and full and we loved how the peach tones really made these bouquets stand out.

Peach and pink bridal bouquet with hanging ribbon, designed by Good Seed Floral austin wedding florist
(right) Jessie Shultz Photography

Bouquet #14

For the cottage-core inspired bride, this beauty is the perfect bridal bouquet inspiration! The freedom of this bouquet makes it feel as though it was picked directly out of the ground. This garden-style bouquet had more of a rounded shape and still felt incredibly organic and fun!

Organic garden-style bridal bouquet inspiration with pink roses and greenery
Lauren Han Photography

Bouquet #15

Our next favorite is a classic. Soft ivories, whites, and hints of greenery mixed within. This bouquet is perfect for any bride! We love how it isn’t too overpowering; instead it acts as the perfect bridal accessory. The roses will give your bouquet that elegant and timeless feel that you will look back on fondly for decades.

Melissa Marshall

Bouquets #16 and #17

Anyone else ready for spring already?! These two bouquets would be absolutely PERFECT for our spring brides. If you want your bouquet to bring the drama we suggest you use the one on the left here as some bridal bouquet inspiration. Gorgeous flowers, lots of texture and large in size. It’s SO much fun and seriously so nice to look at. If you’re sticking to the softer, more subtle side of things this spring — consider the artistically crafted bouquet to the right. Here we incorporated fragile flowers at varying depths to really draw in the eye.

Amanda K Photography | Camera Shi Photography

Bouquet #18

We just want to hold this bouquet in our arms at all times! When a bouquet is this graceful we just can’t help but love it. The pops of antique pinks and peach were a fun surprise mixed in with the neutrals of this bouquet.

Madeline Shea

Bouquet #19

Fluffy white bridal DREAMS. This bouquet was such a good one. When peonies look the way they do here I mean… come ON it’s too good! This bouquet captures all the bridal dreams into one. The perfect size, shape AND flowers, if you want your bouquet to look exactly like this we don’t blame you! 

Classic bridal bouquet inspiration with white roses and blush roses
Claire Pedregon

Bouquet #20

Bleached ruscus, butterfly ranunculus and roses, we’re obsessed. This bouquet is modern and beautiful just like our bride! We love the organic feel it presented and the way it was photographed was INSANE! If we could rest our head on it, it would feel like we were floating on a cloud. Yes please!

(left) Natalie Hills Photography

Bouquet #21 and #22

To wrap up our favorites list we have these final two bouquets. On our left we have the perfect inspiration for our tropical bride. King protea is always a freakin’ amazing focal point of any floral arrangement, but paired here with the fresh palms and white flowers just really pulled the vibe together perfectly! To the right this peachy orange dream is ideal for our fall brides who want to spice things up! A little bit of pampas can go a long way. Plus, who says your bouquet needs to be oversized?! These two are an amazing example of how a small or medium sized bouquet can truly make a big impact!

Whew! What a list and what a YEAR! It has seriously been so much fun creating these gems for our amazing brides and we just cannot wait to get started on all that is to come in 2022.

If you want to see more of these bouquets in action, head to the blog to see all our past wedding work and bridal bouquet inspiration!