January 8, 2022

Florist Education: Workflow!

We’re so excited to be starting a new blog series specifically for florists about workflow! 

Workflow is something that we didn’t give much thought to when we first started out, but it has made ALL the difference in how organized we are, how happy our clients are and how successful we feel as business owners. It can be complicated and overwhelming figuring out the best processes to implement so we wanted to share our Ten step Workflow that we use to take care of our clients (and ourselves) well! 

Client Workflow Steps #1-2

Making sure that your client feels taken care of, cared about and important are the number one ways you can make “super fans” out of them. You want “disciples” more of less of your brand. People that will go out and talk about how their experience with you was amazing. 

This starts before you even talk to them. This starts with things like:
1. Your brand voice
2. How you talk to people in your comments
3. How helpful you are in your captions and website
4. How you represent yourself on social media (especially stories!) 
Make sure that you are coming across as an expert in your field. Offer free downloads of guides that your clients you benefit from, do a weekly “tip” insta story etc…You should always show your passion for what you do! People love working with people who love what they do. 

All of these things will make a difference when you actually do start to interact with your client. 

From the first email they send you, your couples should feel like you are so excited to work with them + that they are more than just a paycheck to you. 

  1. We do this by mentioning specific things we love about something they mentioned in their initial email. Maybe they sent their pinterest board and we love their color scheme, or maybe we love their venue…etc. We have a rough email template for the initial inquiry, but we always customize it with these details so that they don’t feel like we just pushed a button to answer them. 
  2. We also send over an info/welcome guide! This is HUGE for setting expectations on things like pricing, what it’s like to work with us, what they will get, the process etc…. Most of the time brides have not done this before and have no idea what to expect. Things that are second nature to us are like speaking a foreign language to them. It’s our job to be there for them and educate them. But they have to trust us and know that we care first. Making sure they have all of the info they need in a beautifully laid out packet is one way to do that. We also send over a questionnaire that goes into detail a little more about their wedding- photographer, venue, etc…

We’re so excited to share more with you guys next time!! Let us know if you have any questions 🙂 

If you’re looking for more on starting your business or floral design we have some more workshop offerings this year!

Love, Josie + Tay