November 11, 2021

What to Include in Your Florist Contract

Having a solid florist contract is so important. Especially right now!

We’ve been MIA for a few weeks (doing all the weddings this fall! We know you guys feel us there.) and with the craziness of this wedding season we confess, we have fallen down on the job of sending out this newsletter to you guys every other week! We are so sorry + promise not to do that again. We love providing you guys with good, helpful content! (Speaking of… if you ever have ideas for something you want us to write about, hit reply! We are allllll ears and would love to help you out.) 

This week we are talking about something that is NOT very glamorous or fun…the dreaded contract. Although it’s extremely important to have one (and to have a GOOD one), not everyone does. So we wanted to pop on here and let you know the top 5 most important things to include in your wedding florist contract to protect you and your clients well! 

1. Your (the florist’s) responsibilities: You want to include exactly what your clients can expect from you in your contract! That way if they complain after the fact that you didn’t put candles on the tables…that wasn’t every your job legally. Decide what you want to be responsible for and write it out clearly + with lots of detail. 

2. Your client’s responsibilities: Similarly, you want to list out what the client is responsible for: which is mostly payments and communicating to you what they want. 

3. Date changes/cancellations policies: This is suuuuper important! If your couple changes their date or cancels their wedding, what happens to their retainer? Will you still do their flowers if they do reschedule? Make sure to have all that spelled out super clearly (and maybe in multiple places! haha) 

4. Changes to the order: What are your policies for changes to the order? Can they change things after the proposal is signed? How much can the add/take off? 

5. Quality of flowers: Ahhhhh, this one. We learned this one the hard way. We had a wedding a few years ago that blamed us for flowers dying after being out of water in the 90 degree sun for 5 hours…obviously flowers die in the sun. So be sure to include this clause in there- you are not responsible for what nature does to the flowers after you leave! You are responsible up until you leave the venue after setting up + that’s it. 

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