May 12, 2022

Idyllic Destination Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Tropical turquoise terraces and delicately styled neutral and peach florals set the tone for one beautiful wedding location! This wedding was the ultimate dream come true for Alexis and Nick who oh-so-kindly asked us to travel to Italy for their destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast where we were to design their wedding flowers for them as they married at the Hotel Santa Caterina. We’re still pinching ourselves, this wedding was everything we could have ever dreamed of and more!

Inspired by the Italian coast, we knew the floral was to accent the natural beauty of the location and mimic the colorful nature of the city! With soft neutral flowers paired with a few vibrant pops of peach and hints of pampas here and there, the floral felt as if it were picked right off the cliffsides, blending right in.

Their wedding ceremony was held in the hotel garden overlooking the sea and let me tell you… designing their ceremony arch out there was SO. MUCH. FUN!! We truly had the time of our lives setting up in such a stunning location while also learning about the history of this hotel. Something I’ll cherish about this experience was that we had the opportunity to meet and talk with the gardener who planted the trees and flowers in that garden 50 years ago! It was a special and memorable moment. Talking to the gardener who created such a beautiful space was soooo inspiring and encouraged us to do this garden justice with the floral design we were adding to it. 

The Hotel Santa Caterina is in such an idyllic setting and radiates romance. I don’t think Alexis and Nick could have chosen a better location! Believe it or not, their ceremony setting in the garden was just a taste of the beautiful ambiance created for their day. An enclosed sunroom with floor-to-ceiling windows was the perfect location for an intimate reception dinner. A large community-style table was dressed up for Alexis, Nick, and their guests to dine at as the sun set over the Italian coast. GORGEOUS! Our beautiful couple and their guests had a ton to celebrate during this wedding and many special moments were shared among glasses of wine and laughter. Alexis and Nick are two absolute sweethearts whose wedding goal was for their friends and family to have lots of fun! 

Inspired by the golden glow of the sun, Alexis and Nick’s reception design was accented with burnt orange napkins that complimented the deeper colored floral we designed for the centerpieces. Teal taper candles were tucked into funky gold candelabras bringing in a modern touch to this whimsical setting. Everything felt light and airy among the ivory table cloth and beige gauze runner, but I think my favorite detail has to be the seashells filled with salt – how adorable!!! 

Our team had a blast working on this destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast. Not only were we in a stunning location but our couple was incredibly kind to us! As they celebrated their love and enjoyed their reception dinner we were invited to have dinner at the hotel as we waited for the wedding to end so we could clean up. It was so much fun sharing a delicious dinner with all of the vendors who brought this day to life! Not to mention – that Italian food was SOOO good!! To top it all off, Alexis and Nick encouraged us to enjoy some of their desserts which was so sweet (pun intended, haha!) This wedding was absolutely beautiful in every way possible. Alexis and Nick share a true love that is bound to take them around the world and back time and time again.

Alexis and Nick’s Destination Wedding on the Amalfi Coast


Design and Styling: Mae and Co Creative

Photography: Karra Leigh Photography

We hope you enjoyed Alexis and Nick’s destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast! See more destination wedding floral inspiration on the blog!