January 10, 2018

January Favorite Flowers

We are so excited to start this new blog series about our favorite flowers each month! We will be going over what our favorite flowers are, how we use them and why we like them. So if you’re a bride getting married in March, you’ll know exactly which flowers are around + if you like them or not. And if you’re a florist just starting out- use these as a way plan orders for the next year! On Friday’s after each of these blog posts, we will also be sending out a download with all the info on it to our Newsletter subscribers- if this is something you would use, sign up at the bottom of the page!

As you can tell from the picture above there are some preeeeetty good flowers around in January. These go perfectly with a wintery landscape or a cozy indoor reception and are our favorites to design with after the holidays! And for reals, everyone needs something to cheer them up after the holidays are over right?! 


1. Amaryllis: 

This bold, textural flower brings ALL the winter vibes and is all over the place in the winter. We love it because it makes a big statement in a less traditional way than a large peony or dahlia. It’s perfect to design with lots of greenery and texture, but it also holds it’s own with more floral filled designs. We love pairing it with lots of greenery and texture (of course) because it gives it a less christmas-y and more of a wintery vibe. It also comes in the PRETTIEST colors like this red, deep burgundy, raspberry pink and our favorite: a coral! Seriously, any flower that comes in a nice coral is automatically a favorite. 

Our advice? Be adventurous with this one- play around with it in different designs and have it be the unexpected pop of something different. 


2. Carnation:

Oakyyyyy now before you super judge us hear us out! This little flower is all about what you pair it with. And it also comes in some pretty lovely colors that can be hard to find for neutral palettes. It comes in the greatest nude/blush color that’s actually in the bouquet below! You can see them popping out a few different places, giving this bouquet fun texture and blending the neutral tones so your eye is drawn across the bouquet naturally. What can we say…we were surprised too! 

Our advice? Play around with the neutral tones in carnations for a pop of texture and variety that compliments more upscale flowers like garden roses so well! 


3. Camellia: 

We have to admit, we haven’t used this flower a ton because the ones around us bloom for a short time, but just look at it! It’s stunning and 100% reminds us of our other obsession: ranunculus. This flower can be used to soften things up with it’s petal filled goodness. It comes in a range of colors from white and pale blush to hot pink (which is fun!). Side note: We also love the greenery that comes on this plant! It’s a perfect medium green color and is sturdy so it’s great for defining shape and supporting larger flowers. 

Our advice? If you see some good camellia- grab it (legally of course…ha!). They aren’t usually sold at wholesalers and can be hard to find while blooming. There are many different kinds of Camellia, some that bloom longer than others, but you can always tell what it is by the foliage. 

Anemone flower

4. Anemone:

It seems like most of the time when brides want anemones it’s in the summer and fall, but this gorgeous flower is truly in season during the winter. And when anemones are in season they are so amazing!! So delicate and open with the prettiest dark blue centers. We love the white ones best for adding height and lightness to a design. Because they are so delicate, we don’t usually have them buried down in the arrangement, but above everything else to show off. It’s definitely a great focal flower. 

Our Advice? Use these lovelies in all white + greenery designs to add some class + color in a way that makes sense and isn’t too drastic. 

Star of Bethlehem

5. Star of Bethlehem

(or the less exciting: Ornithogalum) is one of our favorites for texture in general. It has small, delicate blooms all together on one stem that are so sweet in bridal bouquets. When they are all bloomed out they add romance and a little whimsy to a design. We love their slight yellow centers that are not too overpowering. 

Our advice? Use the subtle color in the middle to act as a bridge between white and a creamy yellow color while adding fun texture to your design! 

Hypericum Berry

6. Hypericum Berry:

These cute little berries are a great choice for winter texture. We don’t love them if they’re too obvious though, they get a little hokey feeling to us. But if they are subtle and understated with flowers like garden roses and nice greenery they can add a winter-y feel without being too intense. They come in a very pretty nude blush color, red, burgundy (we love this one!) and coral. 

Our advice? Make sure your arrangement is feeling elevated before you add in these berries, if it is, they will be the perfect touch of winter texture! 


This is wonderful! I’m just getting ready to attend the Floral Design Institute in Portland on Monday, in hopes of starting my own Floral business! Thanks for this 🙂

Hi Jayme! That’s amazing!! Congratulations 🙂 Starting your own business is so wonderful and rewarding. We would love to have you at one of our workshops on starting a floral business!

Thanks for this! I signed up as a florist, though definitely a beginner. I’m actually a flower farmer first, and this is great for planting ideas!

I’m so happy this is helpful to you!! That’s what we wanted 🙂