October 14, 2022

Our Favorite Fall Bridal Bouquets

Fall is HERE! As the weather begins to cool down (verrrryy slowly in Texas, haha) we have started fully embracing the fall vibes here at Good Seed Floral – you already know we’re diving into the pumpkin spice and cozy blankets! To highlight the autumnal spirit, and get in the mood as we prepare to bring our dreamy 2022 fall weddings to life, we wanted to share some of our all-time favorite fall bridal bouquets. It is SO important to remember that your bridal bouquet can be versatile and whatever you want it to be! There are so many ways to customize your bouquet to your liking through different colors, flowers, and shapes. We love playing around with these elements to whip up something you’ll love — especially in the fall! Trust us, we’ve seen just about everything. What you’re looking for exists!

To kickstart your search for bridal bouquet inspo, we’ve compiled fourteen of our favorites below. We encourage you to grab your favorite blanket and a warm cup of coffee as you scroll through these dreamy bouquets, and if you happen to find your ideal bridal bouquet within this mix, let us know!

Trendy Terracotta, Burnt Orange, & Artistic Structure

Starting off the list we have a trending 2022 fall classic: bouquets filled with warm tones and structure. So many of our recent clients have been leaning into the fall colors and exploring the use of unique blooms and shapes. It has been SO. MUCH. FUN! Gone are the days of tight circular bouquets, these beauties are here to stay!

This massive bridal bouquet was absolutely stunning and worked beautifully with our bride’s boho style. For this bouquet we started off with some breathtaking dried palm fronds – they gave us a playful shape to design with and incorporated a fun texture. To soften things up we incorporated terracotta-colored ranunculus and burnt orange softball mums then added some depth with roses.

BTW, did you notice the orchid we tucked into the right-hand side? This was one of our favorite touches, it offered a rounded-out shape to the side and tied everything together!

fall bridal bouquets, by Good Seed Floral. Texas wedding florist, California wedding florist

Umm hello, beautiful! We’re equally in love with these two bouquets and how they turned out, seriously if we could spend all day staring at them we would. Both bouquets feature terracotta, burnt orange, and red colors but do so in different ways. We want to highlight how versatile flowers and colors can be when it comes to designing your bouquet.

On the left, we have a more bold design that incorporated bright terracotta-colored mums, rust Amaranthus, and deep orange roses. To tone the vibrancy down a bit we delicately placed beige-colored anthurium and peach carnations – they balanced things out perfectly. We wrapped this bouquet with a velvet burnt orange ribbon and felt it was fitting to give this beauty a seat in the Good Seed Floral Bridal Bouquet Hall of Fame!

To the right we have a softer more neutral bouquet, this color palette is perfect for those who are not fully committed to the idea of bright colors but don’t want to do all-white. For this delicious bouquet we used dahlias, ranunculus, mums, sweet peas, and natural fall foliage to create the perfect level of fluffiness. We just adore how ethereal it felt!

Timeless Design with Late Fall Inspired Color Palettes

Next on the list we have our rich, deep-colored bouquets (perfect for our late-October and November brides)! But don’t worry, even if you’re getting married in the summer you can 100% opt for this style! Remember, there are ZERO rules when it comes to your wedding day floral design. We feel as though these bouquets are perfect for the couples leaning into rich romance and glamorous themes. It’s hard to not feel mesmerized by a bouquet like these.

fall bridal bouquets, by Good Seed Floral. Texas wedding florist, California wedding florist

Bold, unique, and beautiful; this bridal bouquet above made a statement! Starting off with the king protea that is begging for your attention, this bouquet was unreal and felt hauntingly romantic. Deep burgundy roses, lisianthus, berries, soft beige carnations, and orange spray roses, everything merged together to create a luxurious feel.

fall bridal bouquets, by Good Seed Floral. Texas wedding florist, California wedding florist

Whether you’re focusing on the natural colors of fall leaves or the rich colors of a fall sunset, these two beauties may just be for you. Featuring different shapes, these two fall bridal bouquets are packed with incredible flowers and colors. On the left we have a cascading shape and on the right we have an elongated shape.

Our bouquet on the left’s color scheme was arranged in an ombre-like style. Mustard-colored roses started at the top of this bouquet and as we worked down we pulled in burnt orange and blush roses as well as burgundy astilbe, scabiosa, and mini carnations. A few delicate chocolate cosmos poked out and brought in some fun movement to this dreamboat!

On the right, we have the deep pinks and dusty rose colors of a fall sunset. Can we please take a moment for that unreal Queen-Anne’s lace?! It brought texture to this rather-soft bouquet as it was accompanied by dahlias, daisies, ranunculus, and a few lisianthus. The elongated shape gave this fall bridal bouquet a playful feel and a “picked out of the garden” vibe.

fall bridal bouquets, by Good Seed Floral. Texas wedding florist, California wedding florist

Modern and massive bouquets are one of our favorite ways to make an impression. With these two iconic fall bridal bouquet moments, your guests are sure to turn their heads in awe! On the left, our bride’s bouquet is serving all the whimsical and spooky vibes. The dark nature of the greenery used here created an unreal base for a few bright pops of color; this bouquet felt like it came straight from the garden and we LOVE that feeling!

Contrasting the bouquet on the left, we have our radiant elongated bouquet designed with perfect bright red roses. To give these gorgeous flowers their time to shine, we didn’t incorporate any greenery. The unique shape and delicacy of the flowers make this bouquet perfect for any classic bride looking to add a bit of modern spice to her day!

Stand Out Using Soft, Neutral, and Dried Flowers

Not every couple wants to incorporate vibrant fall colors into their wedding day flowers, and that is totally okay! There are NO rules when it comes to your wedding, especially your bridal bouquet. These three soft and neutral bouquets are some of our favorites and can easily be recreated for your wedding, no matter what time of year you have it!

This swoon-worthy bouquet is perfect for our boho babes who are obsessed with fall, I mean do the dried flowers not scream ICONIC?! Dried palms, hydrangea, and money plants set the stage while fresh white ranunculus, spray roses, and one dramatic orchid brought a little life to the arrangement. As a bonus, our trendy bride had her bridesmaids wear silk burnt orange gowns which allowed the soft tan and beige tones hidden within the bouquets to pop!

Looking for a charming bouquet? Look no further, these two are perfect for the bride who wants an elevated and timelessly beautiful wedding. While both bouquets offer similar shapes, they each stand out and are special in different ways.

Our bouquet on the left is very airy and feels natural and effortless. It’s extremely neutral, almost monochrome palette challenged us to really dive into texture and dimension. Meanwhile, the bouquet on the right was loaded up with flowers and a few sprigs of greenery. We wanted to highlight these two bouquets to showcase how stunning a neutral bouquet can look in the fall. There is so much beauty in simplicity, and the fall season is a perfect time to highlight that!

A Cozy Introduction to Soft Autumn Colors

Unlike our deep fall tones, these soft hues are the perfect way to introduce color to your wedding bouquet. Peach, blush, soft orange, and pops of burgundy are totally in right now, and these fall bridal bouquets showcase some of our favorite color palettes and floral recipes!

fall bridal bouquets, by Good Seed Floral. Texas wedding florist, California wedding florist

These masterpieces stole our hearts! We’re going to brag for a second and point out the fact that they are the PERFECT epitome of early fall. On the left, we wanted to bring together a collection of early fall tones and soft pampas. It’s elongated shape and impressive size made this bouquet unforgettable! The icing on the cake was the fact that our bride chose a sleek and simple gown, allowing the bouquet to be the main focal point (aside from her gorgeous face, of course!)

With the bouquet to the right, we want to point out one of our favorite floral recipes. This soft fall bouquet included ranunculus, orchids, roses, peonies, rice flowers, fall foliage, and eucalyptus. The primary colors in this bouquet were orange and peach, but we complimented these focal points with deep burgundy leaves and some soft touches of white flowers. Altogether this beauty is a perfect example of a fall bridal bouquet!

fall bridal bouquets, by Good Seed Floral. Texas wedding florist, California wedding florist

Last and certainly not least, we have this stunner that deserves it’s own highlight because well, LOOK AT IT!! We’re in heaven over here. Toffee roses are one of the yummiest roses out there and happen to be trending right now. So naturally, we loaded them up in this bouquet. The caramel color felt like a freshly toasted marshmallow on a crisp autumn night. Obsessed!

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of fall bridal bouquets! What does your dream bouquet look like? Send us a DM and let us know, we would love to hear all about your wedding floral vision.