October 5, 2022

Priyanka and Dan’s Romantic Cultural Wedding in Texas

Wedding weekends are a big deal, and when you have a couple as effortlessly classy as Priyanka and Dan — you know it’s going to be iconic. Priyanka and Dan’s cultural wedding weekend was SO much fun and the sweetest mix of Indian, Jewish, and Western wedding traditions featuring a Shabbat dinner, Sangeet, and a Western ceremony! We adore the way they fully embraced the cultural elements of their lives that are most important to them. 

This wedding weekend took place over the course of three days at three different venues. First up was the Shabbat dinner that took place in their backyard. This dinner was intimate and soo sweet! On the second day, we went to Brodie Homestead for Sangeet, it was a romantic environment rich in color and so fun to experience. Finally, we wrapped their celebration at Mae’s Ridge for the Western ceremony and reception. 

Shabbat Dinner

Priyanka and Dan have so much love and respect for one another and meshed their families and cultures beautifully. Something we adore is how each event of their wedding weekend was unique but still felt like Priyanka and Dan. When we arrived at their home for the Shabbat dinner, we were immediately obsessed. Their backyard is a DREAM, and was flooded with the most beautiful golden light. They had a long community-style table that wrapped around the yard decorated with a simple white tablecloth. The pastel flower frog centerpieces we created were playful and fun — some of our favorite centerpieces we’ve created! They also felt very natural and fitting in the space. Guests enjoyed dining together and celebrating the start of a wonderful weekend. 


The next day for Sangeet we entered Brodie Homestead and were drawn to how impressive this space was. Creating the florals for the Sangeet was a lot of fun for us, especially because Priyanka and Dan challenged us to create such a different style than the Shabbat dinner! We filled the venue with lush warm and vibrant blooms, including gorgeous floral accents around their candle-drenched sweetheart table. At Sangeet Priyanka and Dan wore traditional Indian attire that was a beautiful rich blue color, and their bridal party was dressed in a light blue that felt so cohesive. The joy that radiated off of everyone on this day was infectious and made us so excited for the next day at Mae’s Ridge!

Western Ceremony and Reception

Mae’s Ridge is one of our favorite wedding venues because of how versatile it is. Priyanka and Dan’s cultural wedding is a great example of how this space can fit any style! At Mae’s Ridge, our couple had a traditional Jewish wedding under a chuppah and we loved decorating this beautiful birch structure with rich green and white flowers. The ceremony was full of booms, but the remaining floral designs for this day felt light, airy and modern. For the reception they made Mae’s Ridge feel like such a classy space with black and white tablecloths, neutral table settings, and pops of gold. Everyone had the best time dining together in this space and we LOVED seeing the way the florals came together.

One of the best parts of this weekend was how different each day’s floral and event design was. It is always fun for us to stretch our creative abilities and figure out the best ways to meet a couple’s design ideas within their budget! Priyanka and Dan’s cultural wedding weekend inspired us to keep stretching our creativity and embrace any challenges we are faced with. We were so sad to see the weekend come to an end but revisiting the experience through these photos has been so much fun for us! 

Priyanka and Dan’s wedding weekend wrapped up beautifully with a grand exit and we know their love story is going to carry on forever in beauty and harmony.

Romantic Cultural Wedding in Texas


Photography: Feather and Twine

Design, Styling + Planning: XO Moreau Weddings

Venues: Brodie Homestead and Mae’s Ridge

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