April 22, 2022

The Best Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer weddings are stunning, but if you’re getting married here in Texas that means it can be HOT. Finding flowers that not only look gorgeous and match your style but hold up in the heat can be a challenge, but they exist! The best summer wedding flowers are those that can withstand the heat the longest. Typically arrangements such as floral installations, personal flowers, and ceremony arches can wilt and lose their pizazz quickly in the summertime. Centerpieces often last longer since they typically have a water source, but regardless of how your floral is being displayed, you want it to hold up.

Our Favorite Blooms To Use in Summer


Most weddings included roses in some shape or form. In the summertime, we love to use hardy roses. Hardy roses withstand the heat, look amazzzinggg and come in so many varieties! A few of our favorites are Quicksand roses, Shimmer roses, Tibet roses, Juliet roses, Combo roses, Cappuccino roses, and more! The best part about these roses is that they come in different sizes, styles, and colors. Regardless of your wedding aesthetic, there is a hardy rose out there for you.


Similar to roses, Hanoi Ranunculus are another fantastic option for you summer brides. These adorable flowers are a fan favorite in the wedding world. They have a timeless look, come in many colors, and hold up perfectly! They can have delicate stems but will provide you with a gorgeous soft touch. We love using Hanoi Ranunculus in bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces. They’re so much fun to look at with their gorgeous movement!

Bridal bouquets with roses, and lisianthus
 Victoria Carlson Photography (left) Karra Leigh Photography (right)
Karra Leigh Photography (Left) Jessie Shultz Photography (right)

Tropical Blooms

Tropical florals such as Anthurium are perfect for hot summer weddings. Tropical florals are built to withstand heat, humidity, and sun – in fact, they usually thrive! Ask your florist what tropicals are in season and how they can be incorporated into your wedding day! Even if tropical blooms aren’t your thing, you can lean into using tropical greeneries such as palm leaves and monstera. In fact, most tropical greeneries will be able to withstand the heat, humidity, and sun. Similar to flowers, they would naturally do better in moderate temperatures, but if you’re really concerned about how the blooms will hold up consider incorporating more greenery!

Monique Serra Photography
Wedding floral arrangement with pampas grass, roses, orchids and anthurium
This Wild Romance Photo

Dried Florals

It’s no surprise that dried products will work well in the summer heat. Pampas, dried Amaranthus, baby’s breath, bleached ruscus, and more will last all day (and night) long! The most important thing to remember when going the dried route is that these florals don’t fill the space as well as fresh florals. So, dried flowers can get expensive! But, adding a bit here and there for dimension and texture is a great idea. Pampas grass is a wonderful way to incorporate dried floral that makes a statement and takes up space! There is a reason it’s sooo popular and one of the best summer wedding flowers to use.

dried wedding bouquets
Brooke Taelor Photo

Carnations and Zinnias

Hearty flowers like carnations and zinnia’s also do well in the summer heat and humidity. These flowers are great fillers and come in many colors! They can be large in size or smaller, so you really can pick and choose to find the flower that will work best for you. If you’re wanting florals that will really hold up throughout your wedding day be sure to ask your florist which florals are in season!


In the summertime, we see a ton of lisianthus used because it is in season and has so much movement and personality! Lisianthus is a great floral accent and can be used in so many elements of your wedding day, making it one of the best summer wedding flowers.

Moth + Moonlight (right)

Regardless of your style, there are flowers out there that will work beautifully for your summer wedding, even on a hot day. Your florist should have a working knowledge of what flowers will hold up and look beautiful, as well as which ones you should probably stay away from. Planning a summer wedding? We’d love to work with you! Head to our contact page to reach out.