April 9, 2021

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Flowers

We know how stressful it can be planning for a wedding, much less having to choose all the little details that go along with it! Planning your wedding flowers can seem overwhelming because of the sheer amount of options there are on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. You may be asking yourself: “How do I narrow down what kind of floral designs I want at my wedding?”

There are many different routes to take with your wedding flowers depending on what style you are drawn to. Sometimes it’s tricky not to get caught up in the sea of decisions you are required to make during the wedding planning process.

Hopefully this can help give you direction and simplify at least one of the decisions you have to make for your wedding! 

1. First, we like to start with a few words to describe your style for wedding flowers.

Choose a few descriptive words that you’re drawn to for your overall wedding. To help, we have another post about finding your wedding style. It can be a mix of two styles or a few words that describe the same style – totally up to you! This will be the starting point that gives you direction for the rest of planning your wedding flowers.
For example, if you decide on the word “romantic” there are certain design choices that will capture this vibe. Fluffy, petal-filled flowers, lush greenery and long silk ribbons are considered romantic, so you would want to lean more into those elements with this style.  

a wedding flower arrangement placed on a wedding reception table

2. Next, find a flower you are obsessed with.

If you don’t have a favorite flower, choose one or two you really love (we know everyone is not obsessed with flowers…haha). When we are designing, we always take inspiration from one element or one flower that we are designing with. When you choose one flower to base your style around, your florist will be able to take the feeling of that flower and create their designs around it, even if that flower is not in season. This at least gives you a direction to head towards! 
For the bouquet below, we based the design around those amazing golden roses! 

bride holding a large wedding flower bouquet of golden roses and hanging silk ribbon.

3. Next, find a few colors that you are drawn to.

Your wedding colors will be represented through the flowers that are used in your arrangements. Start with a color palette that you love and go from there! Arranging flowers is like painting. We love to work with in between and blending tones so that your eye moves smoothly across the arrangement. When thinking about flowers and color, keep an open mind! It’s amazing how much of a difference subtle uses of blending, highlighting and shadowing can make in an arrangement.

a bride holding a lush wedding flower bouquet of white and blush roses and greenery, with trailing silk ribbon.

4. Finally, decide what is most important to you and how much of an impact you want your wedding flowers to make.

Odds are you aren’t going to be able to go full-out with florals for every single area of your wedding. It’s important to decide which part of your wedding you want to have that WOW factor! For example, arbors are a very photographed design and can be doubled as a portrait or family photo backdrop. Ceremony florals are usually a very good piece to invest in! The same goes for your bridal bouquet, or the sweetheart table. Choosing the areas you want to highlight with floral decor will help your florist know where to put most of your budget. This way we can capture your vision! 

Now that you know how to plan your wedding flowers, you can trust your florist and relax knowing your flowers will be perfect!

bride and groom kissing surrounded by their wedding flowers in the desert

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