February 26, 2021

Wedding Flower Pricing: Bouquets

Hey babes! We are starting a new series for you about wedding flower pricing and we are so excited that this first one will be about our favorites: BOUQUETS.

We know that wedding flower pricing can be confusing, overwhelming and crazy sometimes (believe us…we went through all of those stages too), but understanding why things cost the way they do is important when planning your wedding and researching florists!
Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Flowers have a very large price range, from less expensive flowers like carnations and gerber daisies (around $2.25 per stem at retail value) to the best of the best like garden roses and orchids ($16 + per stem retail!). The price of a bouquet will depend on the types of flowers being used and how many. Most bouquets we make are a mix of more expensive flowers and less expensive filler flowers to make them stand out, but not cost an outrageous amount. If you’re wanting mostly garden roses in your bouquet, you can definitely expect to pay a lot more.

Factors like seasonality also effect flower pricing. A classic example are peonies- when they are in season they are amazing and a little less expensive than when they aren’t in season. They can be twice as expensive and not as beautiful when they are out of season!

Keep in mind that when you reach out to a florist you love, odds are you’re going to be disappointed in what you recieve if you ask them to compromise on their design style. If you LOVE a particular bouquet that is filled with expensive garden roses, it won’t have the same effect with less expensive flowers. Trust us! Budget-wise, we always suggest focusing on a few elements in your wedding and your bouquets are ALWAYS one of them! Especially the bridal bouquet.

2. Florists have a lot more overhead than you would think! Flower costs are just one of them. There are also things like flower fridges, vessels, work spaces, buckets, insurance, contract help, materials, websites, business programs, licenses etc.

3. The florist themselves! The amount of experience, skill and popularity of a florist will affect how much you will pay for your florals. If a florist spends 10 years honing their craft and expertise, they will cost more than one that is in their first summer.
Here are some different bouquets at different price points!

Keep in mind, these are average prices and are to highlight reasons why certain bouquets would be more expensive than others. Wedding flower pricing can fluctuate depending on where you live and who you are wanting to work with! It also depends on what type of bouquet you are wanting – bridal bouquets will always be more than bridesmaids or posies, because there is so much love and attention that goes into that design. It’s the star of the show floral-wise!

Use this as a baseline to figure out where your budget should be depending on what you love.

1. $85- This bridesmaid bouquet is very simple. It has minimal floral and it’s mostly greenery. The fullness of it comes from a less expensive filler flower.

photo of a bride holding a bouquet of white roses and greenery

2. $95 – This bridesmaid bouquet is still on the smaller side so the price point is a little lower, but it does have a few garden roses like Koko Loko, and some nicer roses like Secret Garden roses, so that makes it a little more expensive than if it just had standard roses. It also has less greenery and is mostly floral so this makes a difference as well.

photo of a bridesmaid holding bouquet of blush and burgundy roses and dahlias

3. $105 – These bridesmaids bouquets have almost no greenery and the majority of the flowers are garden roses or specialty roses so the price point is a little higher!

4. $200 – This bridal bouquet below has an even balance between floral and greenery. It also doesn’t have as many specialty or garden roses. For a bridal bouquet it’s on the smaller side, with a minimal classic feel.

photo of a bride holding a bouquet with blush roses and greenery

5. $230 – This bouquet also has a lot of greenery and less specialty flowers, but it has more flowers overall than the bouquet above. It’s also larger in size! We would classify this as a medium bridal bouquet.

6. $250 – This classy, romantic beauty would cost a little more than the the bouquet above because it has more floral than greenery. It would still be considered a medium sized bridal bouquet, but because it has more floral it feels a little bigger than the one above. These bouquets below have a mix of more specialty floral and some less expensive blooms.

7. $300 – These beauties are full of garden roses and other specialty flowers! It has some fillers and greenery mixed in that bring the price down a bit, but overall the more luxury flowers in this one steal the show! These bouquets are also on the larger side of medium and appear very lush.

photo of a bride holding a bouquet with blush roses and greenery
photo of a bride holding a bouquet with blush and coral roses

8. $350 – Last but not least are these wild, modern, flower-filled designs! They are bigger bouquets, filled with garden roses, specialty ranunculus and fun larger elements like the protea and anthurium. They definitely spare no expense and feel luxurious and lush.

Was this post about wedding flower pricing helpful? Stay tuned for more in this series, and check out our blog for more resources!