March 12, 2021

Wedding Flower Pricing: Installations

Hey loves! This is our last wedding flower pricing post we will do for a while, and we wanted to go over something that takes a significant part of a budget: installations. Floral installations include arbors, wall installations, ceiling hangings, staircases, fireplaces, and more!

If you missed our last two posts, go here and here for a recap on bouquets and centerpieces. Our wedding flower pricing posts go into more detail about the three main factors in floral design cost and why wedding flowers are such a big investment. To summarize, here is a concise list of factors that determine the pricing of wedding flowers:

Overhead! Running a business as a florist costs a lot! According to, flowers will on average be 10-15% of your wedding budget.

The flowers (and the season, style and varieties you want)

The florist themselves (factors like skill, experience, location and popularity play a role in how much floral design will cost

Keep in mind that the prices we are about to go over in this post are averages, and will change based on the factors above. These posts are to help you see a baseline for budgeting for your flowers based on what you are drawn to. The pricing also does not include comprehensive design and clean up.

Also keep in mind that installations are all SO different! This is how we choose to price each design. Each of these cost estimates are considered in the category of industry standard, but there are so many elements that go into an installation other than the product! Things like venue rules, height, space size, equipment needed, additional helpers, the amount of time for set up… these things all play a huge part in pricing an installation! They WILL be an investment at your wedding, even if it’s just greenery on a staircase, but the thing is…they are worth it. Floral installations make the biggest impact in photos and make your wedding or elopement memorable and that much more emotion-filled. Installations have the ability to capture you and your love in tangible form like almost nothing else.

Let’s get into wedding flower pricing: installations!

1. Light greenery installations: These types of installations use 1-2 types of greenery and are light, but still impactful. Something like this would be $200.

2. Below is an example of a more simple floral and greenery arbor design- it’s not super lush and uses just a few different floral and greenery types: $500

3. A more lush greenery installation like this one below fills up most of a small room! $750

4. This tent greenery installation is pretty simple and light, but the tent itself is HUGE and required a very tall ladder and hours of time to set it up: $850

Wedding reception set up with long farm tables, hanging drapes and hanging greenery

5. This arbor below is more simple in that the flowers are clustered, and the whole thing isn’t covered. There are also not a lot of specialty flowers in it and not too many different kinds of flowers: $800

6. This installation may look simple, but it actually took 350 stems of pampas and required hours of prep painting the plumes, as well as lots of engineering to hang it on the wall: $850

A wall installation of pampas grass painted pink

7. This install below uses a lot of roses and texture to fill in the spaces and required more mechanics than a regular install because of the hanging pieces: $950

8. These wall installations use a good amount of floral in with the texture and greenery: $700

9. Pampas grass, although it is everywhere, is expensive to buy and there is a lot of it here – as well as plenty of flowers! $900

10. This arbor below uses a lot of lush greenery and a medium amount of floral: $900

couple getting married in front of an arbor decorated with greenery and floral

11. When it comes to wedding flower pricing, hanging installations like the one below are always more of an investment because of the labor and planning that goes into them! $750

large floral installation hanging from the ceiling over a wedding reception table

12. This install below uses a lot of different kinds of dried goods, floral, and of course – pampas! $1,000

large ceremony floral installation with tons of pampas and roses

13. Another hanging install that looks simple, but actually uses a lot of different kind of dried goods! Dried flowers are the same or sometimes more than fresh flowers as far as wedding flower pricing goes. $1,000

14. A circle arbor always requires a lot of floral and greenery to feel lush and full: $1,000

15. This arbor below is really 3 arbors in one! And requires quite a bit of floral and greenery: $1,200

three circle arbors decorated with floral and greenery for a wedding ceremony on a lake.

16. Another hanging install! This one below uses 3 grid rectangles filled with lush tropical greenery and floral: $1,200

large, asymmetrical floral installation for a wedding ceremony

17. Asymmetrical hanging floral installations are always a challenge, but they’re so beautiful! $1,000

hanging floral installation with trailing greenery and roses.

18. Below is another circle arbor with a lot of lush floral and greenery, all the way around! $1,300

19. Free standing designs always require a lot of product to fill them in adequately! $1,200

We hope you found this wedding flower pricing series helpful! Stay tuned for more floral posts, and check out our blog for more resources!