March 5, 2021

Wedding Flower Pricing: Table Centerpieces

Hey loves! We hope your week is going so well! We are back with our next post about wedding flower pricing, this time focusing on wedding flower centerpieces. Centerpieces can easily become the biggest investment when it comes to your budget because there are so many of them. And for the most part, they follow the same pattern as bouquets.

If you need a refresher, head over to our first pricing blog – all about bouquets. Here we go into detail about what factors affect pricing the most, and why hiring a florist is such a big investment. To recap, here are the top three factors that play a role in wedding flower pricing:

1. The flowers used, where you live and the flower’s seasonality

2. The cost of owning and running a floral business

3. The skill, popularity, experience and location of the florist themselves

To start, we LOVE centerpieces! They add so much to a reception space, and even if you have to scale back on some elements of the design because of budget, they make such a big difference in the feel of your reception. Here are some different options and price points that you can keep in mind as you’re planning your floral budget.

As always, keep in mind these prices are an average and change depending on your region, florist, season, and style. They also don’t include things like comprehensive design, delivery, set up and clean up! You can expect these prices to fluctuate when you inquire with different florists, but these are good starting points for planning out your budget so you aren’t shocked when the quote comes back!

1. $45- This super simple centerpiece option includes 3 pillar candles, hurricane vases, and tucked greenery.

There is also the option of adding in floral tucks around the candles as well for a bit more. We usually suggest this in conjunction with another, more expensive option to cut down on overall cost, add depth to the tablescapes, and not take away from the vibe! You could also provide the candles yourself and save even more.

2. $10-$25 each: Another good option for cutting down while still making an impact are bud vases! 

These are especially good for longer tables. They pair well with other things down the table like candles or lanterns, as well as if you are doing family-style seating. Each of these tables had 5 bud vases and were $15 each (with a bloom and a small amount of greenery) so the total came to $75/table.

3. $25- Here is an example of a $75 bud vase cluster with more floral and no greenery elements. 

Allison Harp Photography

4. $90- This small centerpiece is mostly greenery with just a few pops of floral.

Greenery is NOT necessarily less expensive than flowers, but it does fill more space with a few sprigs so there can be less of it to fill a vessel. 

5. $115- These centerpieces are still small, but they have more floral than greenery. 

The majority of the flowers here are still more standard than garden roses or specialty flowers – we would classify them as “middle of the road” flowers.

5. $130- These centerpieces are more of a medium size and also have some more specialty flowers in them like sweet pea, high quality roses, and imported ranunculus. 

9. $150 – A larger arrangement that has a mix of expensive and standard flowers/texture.

10. $175- A larger arrangement with nicer flowers, but with a balance of greenery and floral. 

11. $250- A large and long arrangement that is mostly floral.

6. $15/foot. This is more of a hand-laid garland with pops of floral throughout.

You can also leave out the flowers and just do greenery for a less expensive option.

7. $22/foot- Lush greenery garland with no floral

Long farm tables at a wedding reception with long greenery garlands

8. $30/foot- Lush greenery garland with pops of floral.

9. $50/foot- A very thick, dimensional floral and greenery garland with more expensive florals.

10. A super floral ONLY garland: $75/foot.

This one is a showstopper and a dramatic way to highlight a special place in your wedding. 

Thank you guys for hanging out with us! Next up, Installation Pricing.

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