March 18, 2020

What to Expect When Your Wedding is Postponed

Karra Leigh Photo // Mae and Co Creative

Hey loves!
This week has been one for the books! It’s difficult to know what is helpful and whats just noise amid uncertainty and fear. Well fear not. There is lots to be thankful and hopeful for.

In crisis, good hearted people have a tendency to step up and offer help. Helpful advice, useful content, brilliant humor and much needed encouragement is a necessity. Thankfully, we are so blessed that our community genuinely cares for eachother and their brides. We are a culture that is smart and resourceful and selfless. Tragedies like this bring out the best in people- and seeing the best is truly lifegiving.

For our brides that are having to postpone your wedding, don’t freak out! Instead, take a deep breath. evaluate your options, gather your resources, and know that you have a team of talented professionals on your side. We will list a few below for you to check out before we dive into the flower portion!

We love this graphic inspired by Kristyn Taulane Photography:

what to expect when your wedding is canceled or postponed

We also really love the advice/help from these wonderful planners (some have graphics on their instagram as well!)

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  2. Momentous Wed (Austin area brides- she is the BEST at gameplanning + is well-connected in the local wedding industry)

  3. The VIP Collective Podcast

  4. Mae and Co Creative wrote a wonderful blog on the question “should you postpone your wedding?)

Specifically for small business onwers, postponements are challenging. They are losing the opportunity to book another event on the new date and losing out on the date you were originally booked on as well.So the business owners are taking a double hit.

Floral cancellations are even more challenging because the product we work with has a tight timeline to keep alive and beautiful for your big day. SO! Here are our tips for postponingf of your weddings when it comes to your flowers.

  1. In general, floral distributors’ cancellation policy is two weeks before the order goes out, and florists pick up their orders in the Wednesday before the wedding day to begin processing and arranging. This means you have to notify your florist 2.5 weeks before your wedding about the changes before they lose the ability to cancel your order.

    This is critical because the flower order will likely be your responsibility. That cost is the majority of the floral order total so in order to avoid getting stuck with the bill twice, make sure to let your florist know 2.5 weeks ahead.

  2. Contact your venue first and find 3-5 dates that they can do. Then, contact the rest of your vendors to find a new date that works for you. Remembe:, Friday’s and Sunday’s are wonderful days to get married, and most vendors have those days open throughout the year!

  3. BE OPTIMISTIC! Your vendors are on your team. They still want to create for you and will protect you from incurring more expenses. This current pandemic is unprecedented, so give all the grace through this process.

  4. Consider a smaller elopement style ceremony sooner and doing a larger reception later! Many vendors are offering this option right now to give you a choice to still be married and still have a party when it’s safe to do so again!

  5. If you postpone to 2021- every vendor will be slightly different but in general, don’t expect your retainer back! That is used to hold your date so no one else gets it. If you move to a date in another year, you are taking another wedding they could potentially get and they lose a lot of income. Not to mention the uncertainty of even getting flowers/flower prices in the next year. All this takes away from income that keeps their businesses running!

Go forward with optimism and hope! There is so much good that will come from this that we will look back on and see better later on.


Your Good Seed Team

Addison Watson Photography

Addison Watson Photography