July 15, 2022

Where To Start When Planning Your Flowers

Let’s all take a breath in 3…2…1…. How are you feeling? Planning a wedding can be STRESSFUL!! And not to mention all of the details that come with a wedding? Phew, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. But, one thing we want to make sure of is that your wedding flowers are the least of your worries. Planning your wedding flowers can feel overwhelming, there are SO many ideas and options out there across all platforms. If your Pinterest board is flooded with floral designs and your Instagram saves are all wedding trends we totally get it. So where do you start? How do you narrow it all down? It can be hard to make these decisions when so much is in your face all at once. 

Nicole Kirshner Photography

We want to walk you through when and where you should start looking for inspiration when planning your wedding flowers. There are many directions you can take when it comes to floral design and no matter what your style is we promise you’ll totally nail it! There is no need to feel overwhelmed, trust your florist! Let’s dive in.

Where To Start When Planning Your Wedding Flowers

First, define some keywords.

We only need a few! Descriptive words that you feel capture your wedding day vibe are exactly what we’re looking for. You can combine a mix of styles, color schemes, vibes, etc. there is no wrong answer! These keywords are going to be your foundation. Many wedding designers and florists use similar key phrases such as “Romantic” “Traditional” “Boho” or “Modern” to describe a style and feel. And, based on that keyword you’ll find inspiration that may speak to you! Once you narrow down your keywords you’ll want to lean into those style elements to really capture the entire vibe.

wedding flowers by Good Seed Floral, Texas wedding florist
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Identify your favorite flower(s)

You do NOT need to know every single flower out there (that’s our job!) but having a few in mind that you absolutely adore, even if you can only point them out to us, is ideal! Whenever we are designing arrangements and bouquets we take inspiration from one element or flower that we are designing with. When choosing the flowers you want to base your style around, consider the feel of the flower. Is it fluffy and soft? Or is it textured and whimsical? This will give you a direction to head in and help your florist define the flowers that will compliment your favorite blooms the best!

Define your color scheme

Your wedding colors can and will most likely be captured in the flowers you use. When working to define your wedding theme, let us know what colors you definitely want to see incorporated into your florals. Sometimes not all wedding colors are used for floral, but that’s the art of design! Flowers are like a painting, you want to have a nice blend in between all colors so your eye moves smoothly across the arrangement. We always want our clients to keep an open mind when it comes to floral. It can be jarring to read some colors paired together on paper but when you see them together in an arrangement it all makes sense!

Tell us, what impact do you want your flowers to make?

Contrary to popular belief, flowers are expensive! So, odds are you won’t be able to have florals in every single crevice of your wedding day but that’s okay! There is so much beauty in simplicity and impact in statement pieces. Decide what portions of your wedding day you want to highlight the most by floral. Is it your ceremony (typically, this one is a yes!), your sweetheart table? Or, maybe you have created a custom sign that you want us to enhance with floral. Whatever your statement piece or pieces are, these are great places to invest your floral budget. Of course, you’ll want to pour into your bridal bouquet but defining with your florist the portions of your day you want to be highlighted is going to make a huge difference! They will help you figure out where to put your budget and how to execute these things to perfection.

After these starting points, it’s time to trust your florist and RELAX!!! Hopefully you feel more at ease about planning your wedding flowers. They are going to be beautiful and so will your wedding day! For more floral inspiration and wedding tips, check out the blog!