July 31, 2022

Why We Love Using Seasonal Flowers

Okay, we have an obsession to share with you…seasonal flowers. We happen to love them, like, a LOT! Here at Good Seed, we use so many types of flowers that we adore but there is something so special about the freshness and unparalleled beauty of a flower that is in season that fills us with joy. Flowers hold a lot of significance within their little stems. We have had many clients express their emotional connection with certain blooms, and it is always so important to us to get that bloom for them. But the change in seasons means a change in what is available locally vs. internationally. International shipping of flowers can be a little risky, it’s easy for the flowers to get damaged or not look great after transit! Sometimes we can’t get certain flowers unless we order from another country, and that is totally okay. At the end of the day, bringing our clients the flowers of their dreams is the #1 goal! However, having in-season flowers that are sourced locally always provides us with the best results.

While we will always do our best to bring our clients the flowers they dream of for their wedding day we want to share with you the top 3 reasons why we adore in-season flowers so much! Let’s dig into the details of how incredible in-season flowers really are.

Fresh, Full, Fantastic!

When choosing flowers your florist will probably try their best to select flowers that are mostly in-season. This is because in-season flowers ALWAYS look the best. Nothing compares to a flower at full bloom during its peak season, let’s share an example:

Why We Love Using In-Season Flowers -- Florals by Good Seed Floral, Southern California Wedding Florist

This image is absolutely stunning, we loved making this bouquet! But, if we hadn’t arranged this bouquet in February we would not have gotten the same result. Peonies are an all-time favorite among brides and it’s easy to see why! When they’re in full bloom they are absolutely stunning and smell amazing. But, trust us when we say we have ordered peonies from another country during the off-season and they did NOT look nearly as good. But, when peonies are in season they are full, fresh, and fantastic! 

Support Your Local Flower Farms

Another reason why we love in-season flowers so much is that it allows us to support the local flower farms. These farms require a lot of love and a LOT of work, so we want to pay our respects and thank these farmers for growing such beautiful flowers. When we are able to support our community it makes a project even more meaningful. When we first started Good Seed we used to head out every Friday to a local flower farm called Sparhawk. We would grab our buckets and clippers and go to town, it was so much fun picking flowers right from the source!

Why We Love Using In-Season Flowers -- Florals by Good Seed Floral, Southern California Wedding Florist

Having the opportunity to choose flowers from these local farms fills our hearts and minds with peace. It gives us an excuse to visit these incredible places and amazing people! Supporting our local flower farms is always going to be on the top of our minds when creating wedding floral arrangements.

Represent Your Environment

Local, in-season flowers are amazing for many reasons but one of the biggest reasons we adore them so much is because of how well they reflect the environment we are in. In autumn we can forage foliage from nature that feels just like fall. There is something so special about the smells and feels of each season that can’t be duplicated any other way. When we have fall weddings we love choosing flowers that look as though they could have been pulled right from the location. The more natural feeling the better! 

Why We Love Using In-Season Flowers -- Florals by Good Seed Floral, Southern California Wedding Florist

If in-season flowers are special for one specific reason it’s this: they are only available once a year. There is something about waiting for these fresh flowers to pop back into our lives again, that first whiff of fresh peony, that first look at a vibrant rose, it’s all so exciting. The fact that these flowers aren’t always available to us makes them even more special when they are! If you have a local flower farm near you, take this as your sign to go buy yourself a bundle of fresh flowers! Some local farms even allow you to still cut your own blooms.

Why We Love Using In-Season Flowers -- Florals by Good Seed Floral, Southern California Wedding Florist

Good Seed wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the incredible flower farms and growers around the country that work so hard to bring this beauty into the world. We absolutely LOVE you all and admire your hard work so much!

Are you planning a wedding and still in need of a florist? We’d love to work with you and hear all about your floral vision. Send us an inquiry and let’s chat!