Workshops for Florists


You love flowers, kind of a lot. You know you want to explore starting your own business (or maybe you already do!) but isn’t that really stressful? It doesn’t have to be.

Get connected with a flourishing community of wildly successful florists at a Good Seed floral workshop, where together we share our experience + expertise,all in one room and set you up for success in your business. Come eat. Come drink. Come make beautiful floral designs + lasting friendships!

Workshops for Florists

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Private Workshop for Florists

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Private Workshop or Virtual Mentorship

Ready to become a florist? Let’s do this, babe! We’ll spend the entire day showing you how to create a stable floral design business completely personalized for you!

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Business and Blooms Floral Workshop

April 4th-7th, 2022

Business & Blooms

Florist Tools!

A Floral Business Retreat For Those Who Are Ready to Get Serious (+ have so much fun)

All the worry + work so you don't have to. Get our contract and email templates and Online Workshop to invest in your business!

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Florist Pricing Spreadsheet

Save time + money with our florist spreadsheet that automatically calculates pricing + ordering for your weddings.

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