The Online Workshop

We’ve done the creative, lovely floral part. And we’ve also done the gritty, bite your fingernails, late night stressing part too. But because we’ve done the trial + error, it means you don’t have to:

Business and Blooms is a business AND creative focused workshop for florists who haven’t started yet, who just started or who are in their first 7 years of business and need some foundational practices to focus on to create a profitable and sustainable business.

B+B online workshop will give you the tools you need to grow your business and gain the confidence you need to succeed.

There will be 5 in depth business talks, a centerpiece class covering two different design techniques, a bouquet class covering two different design techniques and a large scale install demo from both of us together. We’ll cover everything: financials, workflow, proposals, client interfacing, branding + marketing. top to bottom, we’ll leave nothing business-related out! We thought about the hard stuff so you don't have to :)

We've divided this course up into 3 separate modules that you can buy individually or if you want all of them, the full course is available for a bundled price!

Full course

Centerpiece + Bouquet Course

Installation course

Business Course

What you can expect

The florist's responsibilities
The client's responsibilities
Flower costs clause
Date changes policy
Retainer outlined
Dangerous conditions clause
Legal conditions
Delivery outlined
House rules
Force Majeure
Failure to perform services clause
Limitation of liability
Return of rental items
Changes to the order
Quality of flowers
Payments outlined

**You will need to change the business name in the contract as well as a few places where a phone number, address or number of days is needed**

The Floral Contract

We know that creating a contract that is airtight is expensive (or you learn the hard way). So we took our 10 years of experience in the floral world + a good lawyer and created a contract that will help you protect yourself and feel confident in your floral business. We have sections in there that grew out of mistakes we have made over the years by NOT including them so you don't have to go through that! And you get all this for a fraction of the cost you would pay a lawyer to draw it up for you!

We are not lawyers, please have your specific contract looked over to make sure it will work for your specific business!

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The Email Templates

We all send what feels like a million emails a day (or maybe actually a million??) and often times we send the same email over + over again. It takes up SO much time and our fav solution? Email templates.

We have spent the past 10 years honing in on the best ways to craft these emails to get the best responses from our clients. To showcase who we are + what we do and to streamline our client process and workflow so that we never have to work more hours than we need to. And we're releasing our 15 most used emails for you guys to use as a base for your own!

We thought about the hard stuff so you don't have to :)

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